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Lake Tahoe


Are there places that give you joy?.. and then you see trash.

Are there places that you love to visit?...and wish there weren't cans and plastic in plain sight.

Are you sad when people don't take pride in their communities?...and instead point to others as the source of the problem or responsible for solving it.

Lake Tahoe is one of those places for me. Just prior to the pandemic, I decided to pick up the trash I found while going through my daily routine. I needed some motivation to stop to pick up trash... so I did it to honor my father - who loved to hike. I did it as a year-end gift to the community. I did it to give bicyclists a more beautiful ride.

Having positive motivations was critical because I didn't want to get angry with the people who trashed "my special space". I don't need more anger in my life...I'd rather see "my special space" beautiful again - and hope that others follow.

So that's why I started WalkGreen™. I have found that many, many people have their own "special space" - but need to realize their role in protecting it. Don't point to others - make caring for it part of your joy.

WalkGreen™ combines a hiking stick with a pick-up grabber. A reusable bag is added, with a clip that will hold your car keys (which I have lost multiple times while walking and picking up trash). You can also use the clip to hold dog poop bags to share with others! I've made the grabber more durable because I get REALLY annoyed when the grabber breaks. And I've made them colorful, because I want to enjoy my walk - wherever I am.

The combo-sticks can be borrowed from local government agencies or purchased for people who want to have one available at any time.

My goal is for EVERYONE to be a HERO... find your special space... and have joy for helping to maintain it.

Carolyn Usinger