Walking Stick - Bag - Trash Grabber in one


Green your World

In your neighborhood, on a trail, at your worksite....wherever you are!

Lean on the Yellow for a Walking Stick Flip the Yellow Up for Grabber Flip the Yellow Up for Grabber Now it's a Grabber Add a Snap Link and bag to hold trash Add a Green Bag Add a Green Bag Gloves Customize the Label Wearing a daypack? Skip the walker Skip the walker


  • There are two lengths: Medium and Tall for people over 5' 7". The Tall version has an extra velcro strap for walking stability.

  • In walking mode, our stick has a curved bottom, not a point. This leads to less soil disruption and erosion than ski poles do.

  • The walking mode functionality is intended to protect the grabber if the user leans on the stick while walking.

  • Our HERO bags are made of recyclable plastic so liquids will not leak. Please REUSE them!


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